Help protect American jobs and the economy!

The Obama EPA rushed in job killing regulations that threatened American mining jobs and the nation’s economy, that would do very little to protect our lands and way of life.

Obama’s EPA said it wanted to ensure that the public doesn’t pay for environment cleanups, but the EPA is duplicating existing state and federal guarantees that ensure that miners demonstrate the financial ability to clean up mining sites.

Simply, the EPA is doing an end-around on the states and ignoring the state’s strong interest in seeing that their natural resources are adequately protected – while also threatening more mining jobs and economic growth. Mining creates 1.7 million direct and indirect jobs, $46 billion in taxes to federal, state and local governments while supplying the vast American manufacturing supply train – which in turn contributes $2.5 trillion to the U.S. GDP.

Urge the new EPA to reconsider and withdraw the rule before we put one more American miner out of a job.

We need to stop this rule now. Will you join us? Send a comment opposing the new rules.